Information for Authors

Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts should be prepared in LaTeX2a or LaTeX and submitted electronically to , if possible along with a PDF version of the manuscript. Exceptions are possible upon request.

To speed up the formating process of accepted manuscripts authors can use the LaTeX document class svjour3 provided by our publisher, the Springer Verlag, for their submission.

Accepted Papers

Upon acceptance of a paper the author(s) should provide the text in its final form whenever possible as a LaTeX file together with all auxiliary files (e.g. graphics) via e-mail to . Otherwise a CDROM/DVD containing those files should be mailed to the editorial office at W├╝rzburg University. Authors are responsible for obtaining permissions to reprint previously published figures, tables and other material.

Rights of Reproduction

With the acceptance of a paper for publication in CMFT all rights related to reproduction pass to Springer Verlag. However, authors are advised to check the options offered by the Springer Open Choice.